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ISO, IATF and CSR Certificates

Within the scope of its corporate targets TDK Electronics has specified that the TDK Electronics management systems are to be reviewed internally on an ongoing basis and must fulfill the requirements of the most demanding international standards.

Size Corporate certificate ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
file_pdf_box 383[kB] Certificate
Size Corporate certificate ISO 50001 Energy Management System
file_pdf_box 322[kB] Certificate

Our manufacturing sites serving automotive business apply the IATF 16949 standard. The IATF certifications confirm our compliance with requirements regarding the quality management system in the automotive industry according to IATF 16949. Referring to customer requirements and customer specific requirements (“CSR”) TDK always had and will continue to have the policy of respecting individual agreements. Even if IATF 16949 may appear to support the acceptance of unilateral requirements, we hereby like to emphasize that only requirements mutually agreed upon can and will be implemented in our Quality Management System. For clarification purposes we like to point out, that obligations resulting from IATF 16949 shall only become legally binding if individually agreed upon.

Size Corporate certificate ISO 9001 and site-specific certificates IATF 16949 Quality Management System
file_pdf_box 462[kB] Certificate
zip_box 4990[kB] Collection of all site-specific certificates
zip_box 470[kB] Akureyri, Iceland – Foil for aluminum electrolytic capacitors
zip_box 175[kB] Batam, Indonesia – Sensors
zip_box 180[kB] Berlin, Germany – Sensors
zip_box 363[kB] Crolles, France – Micro components, Micro sensors
zip_box 242[kB] Deutschlandsberg, Austria – Piezo and protection devices, sensors, SAW components
zip_box 185[kB] Gravataí, Brazil – Film capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, metallized film
zip_box 173[kB] Heidenheim, Germany – Inductors, film capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors
zip_box 202[kB] Hongqi, China – Inductors
zip_box 184[kB] Johor Bahru, Malaysia – Surge arresters, switching spark gaps
zip_box 180[kB] Kalyani, India – Ferrites, ferrite granulate
zip_box 470[kB] Kutina, Croatia – Piezo and protection devices
zip_box 179[kB] Rozzano (Milan), Italy – Foil for aluminum electrolytic capacitors
zip_box 192[kB] Málaga, Spain – Film capacitors
zip_box 257[kB] Nashik, India – Film capacitors, metallized film
zip_box 153[kB] Stahnsdorf, Germany – Sensors
zip_box 185[kB] ?umperk, Czech Republic – Ferrites, piezo and protection devices
zip_box 206[kB] Szombathely, Hungary – Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, inductors
zip_box 218[kB] Xiamen, China – Aluminum electrolytic capacitors
zip_box 472[kB] Xiaogan, China – Surge arresters, switching spark gaps
zip_box 495[kB] Zhuhai, China – Protection devices, film capacitors, sensors

According to the IATF regulations for ISO/TS 16949 certificates are only issued for production locations.

Size Site-specific certificates ISO/TS 22163 (International Railway Industrial Standard)
file_pdf_box 481[kB] Málaga, Spain – Film capacitors
file_pdf_box 471[kB] Zhuhai, China – Film capacitors
Size Site-specific certificates ISO 13485 (Medical devices)
file_pdf_box 159[kB] Addison (Dallas), USA – MEMS components
file_pdf_box 158[kB] Berlin, Germany – Sensors
file_pdf_box 286[kB] Deutschlandsberg, Austria – Piezo and protection devices
file_pdf_box 158[kB] Stahnsdorf, Germany – Sensors
Size Site-specific certificate ISO 9001 Quality Management System
file_pdf_box 127[kB] Addison (Dallas), USA - MEMS components
Size CSR assessment certificates
file_pdf_box 56[kB] Addison (Dallas), USA
file_pdf_box 56[kB] Akureyri, Iceland
file_pdf_box 71[kB] Batam, Indonesia
file_pdf_box 60[kB] Berlin, Germany
file_pdf_box 57[kB] Crolles, France
file_pdf_box 57[kB] Deutschlandsberg, Austria
file_pdf_box 73[kB] Gravataí, Brazil
file_pdf_box 104[kB] Heidenheim, Germany
file_pdf_box 105[kB] Hongqi, China
file_pdf_box 57[kB] Johor Bahru, Malaysia
file_pdf_box 60[kB] Kalyani, India
file_pdf_box 56[kB] Kutina, Kroatia
file_pdf_box 68[kB] Málaga, Spain
file_pdf_box 56[kB] Munich, Germany
file_pdf_box 60[kB] Nashik, India
file_pdf_box 57[kB] Rozzano (Milan) Italy
file_pdf_box 71[kB] ?umperk, Czech Republic
file_pdf_box 56[kB] Szombathely, Hungary
file_pdf_box 61[kB] Xiamen, China
file_pdf_box 63[kB] Xiaogan, China
file_pdf_box 62[kB] Zhuhai, China
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