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Technologies & Products Press Conference 2020

November 04, 2020

Here you can download the summaries, images and the presentation. Additionally you find a podcast for each topic.

Ultrasonic sensor modules - compact and robust solution for industrial applications

Marco Storck
Head of Product Marketing PTC Thermistors and Ultrasonic Sensors
Piezo and Protection Devices Business Group

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ToF - Summary, Images and Charts

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TDK's new and very compact ultrasonic sensor module works with only one piezoceramic disk, which is used for both transmission and reception. Thanks to its very compact measurements and excellent product characteristics, it is ideal for harsh industrial environments.

CLT32 power inductors - tiny giants for ADAS/AD systems

Leopoldo Bertossi
Director Business Development Automotive

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CLT32 - Summary, Images and Charts

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ADAS and AD systems place very high demands on the reliability of the components used. With the new CLT32 power inductors, TDK has developed a completely new product series for power management units that sets new standards in reliability, miniaturization and electrical parameters.

ModCapTM - innovative standard series for modular DC link solutions

Victor Alcaide Lozano
Director Product Marketing PEC High Power Capacitors
Aluminum and Film Capacitors Business Group

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ModCap - Press Release, Summary, Images and Charts

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TDK has implemented a modular and versatile power capacitor concept for DC link applications. This, combined with the latest-generation of IGBT modules, allows compact converters for applications in traction, renewable energies and industrial to be brought swiftly to market readiness.

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