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SMT Power Inductors: Series B82477D4

 SMT Power Inductors B82477D4 Image

Key Features

  • LR from 4.7 to 47 μH
  • Special winding technology for?tight coupling of the two windings
  • Magnetically shielded


  • DC/DC converter, especially for SEPIC topology
  • Buck converter with?auxililary output
  • Common mode choke
  • 1:1 transformer

Ordering No.: B82477D4

For more information, please download the sample kit PDF or order from our distributors.

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PDF Inventory Application Design Inductance (μH) Inductance tolerance (%) Rated current (Typ.) (A) Saturation current (Typ.)?(A) Resistance (Max.)?(Ohm) Size/Series Remarks Type Ordering Code
info_outline Automotive shielded 22 ±20 3.11 4.5 0.078 12.5x12.5x8.5 Rugged design B82477D4*M900 B82477D4223M900
info_outline Automotive shielded 4.7 ±20 5.24 10 0.026 12.5x12.5x8.5 Rugged design B82477D4*M900 B82477D4472M900
info_outline Automotive shielded 47 ±20 2.44 3.3 0.145 12.5x12.5x8.5 Rugged design B82477D4*M900 B82477D4473M900
info_outline Automotive shielded 15 ±20 3.7 5.5 0.06 12.5x12.5x8.5 Rugged design B82477D4*M900 B82477D4153M900
info_outline Automotive shielded 10 ±20 4.54 6.5 0.042 12.5x12.5x8.5 Rugged design B82477D4*M900 B82477D4103M900
Download all marked data sheets as zip file or export the search results in MS Excel format
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