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Product Brief

Ferrites and Accessories – Distributed Air Gaps in Ferrite Cores – ETD, PQ, E Cores

 Ferrites Air Gaps Standard PB


Thanks to the new standards for ferrite cores with distributed air gaps, TDK enables increased power density and a further degree of downsizing compared to other technologies. In addition, cores with distributed air gaps offer the possibility to optimize the design of transformers and chokes in terms of efficiency and thermal performance.

  • ETD, PQ and E cores with distributed air gaps are now available as standard catalog types for many core sizes and various AL values as well as the corresponding accessories.
  • STEP files for all cores with distributed gaps and accessories are on the shelf.
  • Ferrite cores with distributed air gaps allow the use of a larger winding area by reducing the fringing flux losses, offer significantly increased power density and improve the winding window fill ratio.
  • Distributed air gaps are used in onboard chargers and DC-DC converters for xEV vehicles, charging stations for electric vehicles, solar inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and industrial switch-mode power supplies, among others.

Edition 10.20, 4 pages, English

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