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Would you like to know more about our products and their applications?

Then simply select a header from the quicklinks on the right to view a list with all publications on the relevant topic. You may download PDF files.

Publications on our products are available in the following versions:

Data Book

The Data Book is our most comprehensive product documentation covering the technical specification of the respective products (data sheets) and a general part. The products are specified in the data sheets by tables, overviews, dimensional drawings and characteristics. The general part describes technologies and also includes notes on applications, quality, the environment and processing as well as terms and definitions. A symbol and a subject index help accessing the content of the Data Book.

Product Profile

The Product Profile offers an overview of each portfolio and describes the components with their electrical key parameters and technical data. Ordering codes are included for all products. Overviews help finding the required component. In addition to the specification, the Product Profile also includes notes on quality and the environment.

Product Brief

The Product Brief offers very condensed information about our products and possible applications at a glance.

Application Guide

Depending on the application focus, the Application Guide contains all relevant EPCOS products with their characteristic key data as well as type designations or ordering codes. They consequently give an ideal overview of the products suitable for each respective application and help the user to quickly find more detailed information.

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